Communicable Disease

Predicting Influenza-Like Illness in Kent County, Michigan

A proposed case study

Wildfire Pollution and the Flu

Welcome to the second installation of Thesis Scribbles by Lillian,

Flu Spikes and Google Search Terms

Google search terms: predictive parameters of Flu?

Surveillance Data Dashboards (short)

RVPHTC CoP deliverable

Surveillance Data Dashboards (long)

MPH Applied Practice Experience report

Emerging Infectious Disease: Causes and Interventions

The spread of an infectious disease depends much on the

Prion Disease Clusters in West Michigan

Implications & Recommendations

Notifiable Disease Report Dashboard

Kent County Health Department Applied Practice Experience deliverable

Hepatitis A and Stigmatized Populations

History and Recommendations

Select Agent: Bacillus anthrasis, Pasteur Strain

Bacillus anthracis Pasteur Strain: Justification for Select Agent Status